Is daylight saving time dated?

Is daylight saving time dated?

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - Today is one of the most dreaded days of the year, clocks were pushed forward one hour causing many to lose sleep.

This year, many Texas lawmakers have filed bills to bring an end to daylight saving time. After prior failed attempts in recent years, they’re hoping this will be the last time you have to move your clocks forward. An Iowa Park farmer Matt Mahler talked about the benefits of the time change.

"I usually do a lot of my farming in the afternoon or early in the evening so it helps to have more light. It’s safer more efficient to get things done. It defiantly does help to stay lighter a little bit longer," said Mahler.

Whatever side you stand on in the daylight saving debate it happenened. Sunday morning clocks moved forward. Many wonder why we still bother to do this. States like Hawaii and Arizona don’t observe daylight saving anymore. Matt Mahler says while he likes that it is going to stay lighter longer its not a big difference for him.

“It would relieve some confusion and get everyone on a better schedule if we could just do away with it because at this point it is not much of a change. There is not much of a point in doing it in modern times,” said Mahler.

Daylight saving dates back to 1918, as a way to conserve energy and farmers reaped the benefits as well. Today, those against daylight saving time argue it leaves school children outside waiting at the bus stop early in the morning when it’s still dark outside. Those that are for it say it could improve health, deter robberies and reduce the number of vehicle accidents.

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