Hometown Pride Tour: New and cool businesses popping up everyday

The Den toy store
The Den toy store
Updated: Mar. 12, 2019 at 5:56 PM CDT
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We continue our Hometown Pride Tour this week by showcasing some new businesses that owners hope add some energy and fun to Wichita Falls.

The Den toy store has been open for just over a month. Former teacher, Larry Fox and his wife wanted to continue working with kids and incorporate their love for toys.

“We named it after our last name which is Fox. Foxes live in dens but also families play in dens. So, we thought that was a good word. We’ve been open about a month, and we (...) have toys you can’t find anywhere else,” said Larry Fox, Co-owner.

At first glance, you might not be able to tell this hidden gem is filled with toys you normally couldn’t find in Texoma. But the owners also have a themed playhouse inside that they change every month.

“A lot of kids end up here for over an hour, so come have fun. That’s the idea,” said Fox.

Another new business is working to keep you on track with your resolutions at the corner of 8th and Scott. Healthy’s Downtown opened at the start of the year and owner Carrie Gardner is excited for the future.

“I’m also hopeful to use this space for groups, [like] business meetings, whatever kind of event that they want to do,” Gardner said.

Gardner has seen so much success she is planning on opening one weekend day a week beginning this weekend.

“Weather is changing, so I’m going to add some Saturday hours. I know some people are working in the building but there is also much traffic on Saturdays so, I want to be there for those people too,” said Gardner.

Both business owners said they want the community to get involved. The Den wants to decorate with local art, and Healthy’s wants to be not only your stop for smoothies, but also your gathering place.

By the end of the month downtown will have a new cool free-play arcade that serves cereal.

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