Lyric’s Journey: local girl faces final medical hurdle

Lyric’s Journey: local girl faces final medical hurdle

HENRIETTA, TX (TNN) - Lyric Aylor was born almost two years ago weighing just 1.4 pounds, extremely premature, at just 25 weeks, and spent more time in the hospital than in her mother’s womb.

“Think about the size of a pound of ground beef and you mold a baby out of it," her grandmother and guardian Andria Aylor said. "She was just so tiny and so frail.”

Lyric faced multiple health challenges, from a hole in her heart, bleeding on her brain and lungs and potential blinding.

Now she’ll fight the final obstacle.

“That little teeny tiny tube in her neck is all she has,” Andria said.

Lyric’s airway is closed from scar tissue in her neck, unable to breathe without the help of a device in her throat.

“One of the scariest things is if she takes her hand and pulls that trachea out, you have roughly 10-15 seconds to have it back in place and her breathing again, otherwise you’re doing CPR,” Dewayne Aylor, Lyric’s grandfather and guardian, said.

Meaning the Aylors need some help from nurses throughout the day, to make sure Lyric doesn’t accidentally hurt herself. All of whom they say have been incredibly helpful.

“Somebody is awake 24 hours a day, watching her,” Dewayne said.

Despite not being able to speak, facial expressions and pointing helps Lyric get her point across to her family.

“She communicates so effectively without being able to say a word,” Andria said.

The surgery that Lyric is set to have should make her independent, not needing an air tube, feeding tube and constant monitoring.

“She’s a baby with wires," Dewayne said.

"Yes we’re very ready for her to be cordless,” Andria said.

Her family already received help from the Henrietta community while Lyric was in the hospital after birth, they’re being helped again.

With donations being given to help cover the hefty costs of traveling to and from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, the doctors there the best in the nation for the procedure.

“I knew that I loved Henrietta, but I didn’t realize how much Henrietta loved us,” Andria said.

A special account has been set up at Legend Bank to help pay for the family’s food, lodging, travel, and other related expenses.

Donations can be made to the “Dewayne Aylor Special Account” at Legend Bank locations, including those in Henrietta, Wichita Falls, Bowie, and Nocona.

Donations can also be made over the phone by calling 940-538-5112.

The family is also selling t-shirts to help raise funds. Shirts can be ordered from Facebook or by calling Cori at 940-631-8323.

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