Car dealers say automated vehicles may increase safety on the roads

Car dealers say automated vehicles increase safety on the roads

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - AAA released a report on Friday stating more than 70 percent of people are afraid of fully self-driving vehicles.

Wichita Falls car dealerships do sell cars with automated features that assist drivers while on the road but they say they are not fully-self driving. Some customers think these cars drive themselves, but these added features are not meant to be anything more than a help for drivers who may get distracted or find themselves in an emergency.

“It allows you to adapt to the ongoing traffic in front of you, so if the traffic around you slows down [it provides] a better safety shield around you that allows you to have that safety aspect that I’m going to be Ok,” said Greg Hailey, Sales Professional.

The new technology and features provide upgrades that may prevent accidents before they occur on the road, with features that include support steering, braking and accelerating during multi-lane driving.

“In an emergency where you pass out in a vehicle, it [will] stop the vehicle. It is going to notify you that your hands came off the wheel and then it is going to bring you to a complete stop in the middle of the road,” said Hailey.

AAA and Car dealerships said the best way to feel better about the automated vehicles is to go out and test drive one. Most of the fear consumers have come from not having an opportunity to drive or learn more about cars with these features. With technology continuing to increase car dealers and customers believe all cars will one day come with these added features.

“I believe they are going to come up with more safety measures, as they keep traveling in time and everything gets more advances with technology,” said Hailey.

One salesperson said though a plane is in auto-pilot there is still a pilot on the flight and drivers should think of cars with these features the same way.

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