New, unique local business taking over in existing buildings

New, unique local business taking over in existing buildings

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - Marcus McGee, also known by his stage name DJ Maniac, is turning his childhood dream into a reality in the form of an arcade decked with video games, and a bar with a certain tasty breakfast treat.

“I always dreamed about wanting to have my own mansion with an arcade in it and just eat cereal all day,” McGee said.

While the spot dubbed Maniac’s Mansion is yet to open, the building it is in has been around for quite some time. The space it occupies is inside of 8th Street Coffee House.

Marcus and his wife, Thuy, have been prepping for the grand opening. The fact that the building is already a known location gives them hope that the business will be a success.

McGee said opening in an existing building is a plus, “If something’s already built and you don’t have to fix it up or anything, oh my God it’s amazing! All I did was come in and just put in my stuff here and there.”

Downtown is not the only area of Wichita Falls that is seeing those born and raised in the city use their creativity to give residents something fresh and new.

Across town on Kemp Blvd. Brenna Pohlod - who has an extensive career in bar-tending - has opened Clink! It is dessert bar that serves ice cream and snowcones. One of their special ingredients? Wine.

It sits where Gypsy Uncorked used to be.

Pohlod said she came up with the idea by experimenting with ingredients, “I started with a snowball and then got that figured out and I was like ‘I really want a marshmallow ice cream with a chocolate stout beer’”

Now she has an array of flavors and adult beverages for customers to choose from.

While being a supporter of downtown’s growth, Brenna also likes to see that new stores like hers are opening in the central part of town.

With new and interesting places like Maniac’s Mansion and Clink!, all of Wichita Falls is proving to be a destination spot for Texans and even those

Pohlod said, “You know, people come in here to have a good time. It’s a good mix of people who come in here. Everyone has just as much fun as the next person.”

Pohlod added that they have already exceeded their own expectations within their first month and are planning on ways to expand.

Maniac’s Mansion at 710 8th Street will have its grand opening on March 29.

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