Massive drainage project massive inconvenience for residents

Massive drainage project massive inconvenience for residents

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - The Kemp-Monroe drainage project in Wichita Falls has the residents of the Avenues concerned.

People that live on Filmore street said they are not only inconvenienced but confused. They say Avenue M floods worst than Avenue L when it rains heavy.

Over the course of the project, residents said they have gone without water for days at a time.

Freddy Halley has lived in his home on Filmore since 2009. He says since this project began he’s noticed the shutoff at least eight to twelve times. Halley said that’s not even the worst part.

“I’ve noticed a hike on the water bill for the last two months after they had the problem with the water line. We are wondering why they went up on the water bill,” said Halley.

The goal of the whole project is to eliminated flooding of Kemp Street at Avenue M and protect more than 30 homes in that area.

Residence on Fillmore said the work hasn’t just affected water they also had a gas leak just last week. Halley said he was never notified about any of the water or gas leaks. He said to get information about what was going on he walked down to check it out for himself.

Some residences are concerned about how the work on Avenue L is going to potential flooding.

“ I’ve never seen it flood on that side of the street maybe it is catching the water that’s coming down that side of the street when it floods. I’m optimistic the city is spending my money well,”said Smith.

The neighbors are also disturbed by construction trucks.

“I would like the city to note that my alley has been destroyed by the big trucks coming back and forth. I hope they fix the concrete back behind the house. Other than that, the noise from the street with the trucks coming by,” said Smith.

Earlier this month the city and construction crews said the project is on schedule and they hope to be done by the end of the year.

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