March Madness fans give tournament predictions

March Madness fans give tournament predictions

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - It is that time of the year again March Madness, and Wichita Falls college basketball fans have their bracket filled out and they’re excited.

NCAA tournament time, means fans across the country are kicking responsibilities to the curb and planting themselves in front of the TV.

Fans like Jason Peoples said even though his predictions don’t always work out he enjoys playing and watching the games each year.

“My bracket was done. It was completely busted. It didn’t work out. It never does though and that the beauty of the game,” said Peoples.

For some fans picking the right teams is crucial because it impacts their wallets.

“I got several brackets filled out. I need those four [teams to win] because I win some money and its all about the money,” said Mike Giguere.

While some are cheering for the teams with the best odds, others are rooting for their hometown favorites. Some fans said they just don’t want to keep seeing the same teams win year after year.

" I believe in the Cinderella team," said Peoples. referring to teams like Murray State.

After this weekend, 16 teams will be left in the tournament.

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