Parents speak out about fight at McNiel Middle School

Parents alerted to fight at McNiel Middle School

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - A statement about a fight that broke out between McNiel Middle School students was made on school’s Facebook page Friday afternoon.

It says “Parents: We wanted to let you know about an incident that occurred today during the lunch period. During lunch, a fight broke out in the cafeteria. A message was sent out to students and staff asking everyone to stay or return to their classrooms for their own safety until we were able to get the situation under control. Understandably, that caused some panic among students. However, we did get the situation under control and were able to restore order in the cafeteria. After order was restored, we communicated to staff and students the reason why we asked them to return to classrooms. The safety of your children is our first priority and we took the precautions necessary to ensure that no additional students were hurt.”

Lots of parents weighed in about things there kids have witnessed at the school.

One mom said "Every day my son comes home complaining about fights, being pushed on, being bullied.... He hates going to school now. This is a community issue not just the teachers and staff. Parents need to be more involved and aware of what and how their kids are acting."

Another mom is calling for a meeting where the school community could come together and discuss ways to end bullying and violence.

We reached out to other McNiel parents who shared their thoughts with me on the incident.

One said in a message that they were indeed concerned about the state of the school because they hear about fighting there often. Another mom feels that people’s anger is being directed towards the wrong people.

She wrote, “It makes me concerned that more parents are mad at the teachers than the kids that caused the problem. Teachers can barely teach their classes without being accused of something let alone stop an all-out fight without having serious repercussions! I was not in the school when it happened, but my child was. He said that they were scared when they had to go on lockdown, but they were glad that they were moved to a safer place. I think more strict punishment for kids as well as their parents needs to be put in place. I also feel that anyone snap chatting, instagramming or whatever else kids do, the fights should also be punished. Making these kids who are obviously seeking attention and acting out “famous” is part of this ever-growing issue”

WFISD’s Community Relations Officer confirmed that there were no weapons involved in the fight.

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