Clean up continues in Wichita Falls after weekend storm

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WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - Texoma is still cleaning up from this weekends storm. Over the weekend Texoma saw winds as high as 60 mph.

The rain in some areas was up to three inches. Wichita Falls had downed power lines, broken fences, and some damaged trees.

“[I] got a phone call on Saturday about some storm breakage when it came to this tree. It was a Cedar tree that happened to have some rot in it. Rot is something that you can’t tell until it happens.” Jarron Johnson, owner of Mean Green Tree Service said. “I actually got another call that I wasn’t able to make for a whole oak tree that fell and crushed a car. So, that is a definite detriment and that’s why you should plant your tree away from the house and things of that nature keeping it healthy. Those things are important.”

Wichita Falls street crews say they had more than 25 locations to collect debris from throughout the city today. The parks team was out as well as cleaning up as well.

Over the weekend Oncor put in overtime restoring power for about 3700 people. City Officials says the next focus will be the Wichita River.

With the amount of rain the area received they anticipate dealing with high water levels and mud and debris once the water recedes.

City officials tell us they only pick up tree limbs if they are in the street. If the damage is on the homeowner’s property disposal is up to them.

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