Texoma woman reacts to Notre Dame fire

Texoma woman reacts to Notre Dame fire

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - Millions around the world, including those in Texoma are shocked at the fire that blazed so intensely it caused Notre Dame’s spire to collapse Monday evening.

Upon seeing the footage of the fire, Iowa Park resident Sarah Lehman immediately remembered visiting the cathedral during a study abroad trip in 2013.

“You're standing in front of this big cathedral that was built hundreds and hundreds of years ago. The architecture is magnificent, the statues, it impacts you,” she recalls.

When she visited, she remembers a service being held. Even though it stopped she and a group of classmates from being allowed inside, the exterior was still an awe-inspiring sight.

Lehman said it is heartbreaking to see what has happened to it now. “When I saw Notre Dame on fire from you guys, I just thought 'Oh my goodness! Here is a place that I actually visited that I was feet away from'.”

The historic building may not look the same as it did for over 800 years, but what Lehman will always remember is how it made her feel. To her, and to many, it is an example of the greatness the human race is capable of.

“The cathedral has touched many people’s hearts. Physically, emotionally, spiritually it has connected with so many people. We’re losing a part of history,” She said.

Lehman would like to one day visit Paris again and hopes the cathedral will be rebuilt. If not, she says she hopes people can appreciate what’s left of it and its impact on history.

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