Petrolia residents overcome water issues

Petrolia residents overcome water issues

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - The city of Petrolia remains under a boil order Friday, a day after an hours-long power outage caused pressure loss in the water system.

The boil order will likely stay in place until at least Monday, but some in Petrolia say they’re not concerned.

We spoke to several residents and businesses who say hearing the news about the boil order wasn't an issue, because they don't use the water for cooking and drinking anyway.

They told us the water often smells and tastes bad, and boil orders aren’t uncommon, so they get their water from other sources.

“Boil order? It didn’t really affect us. We pretty much just drink bottled water so it didn’t really affect us or anything,” Petrolia resident James Jones said.

Residents say most of the population, if they can afford it, uses bottled water or even has their water delivered from Wichita Falls.

Even the restaurants news Channel Six talked to told us they use bottled water instead of tap water.

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