New homes on the rise in Wichita Falls

New homes on the rise in Wichita Falls
Home builders say business is good right now in Wichita falls.

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) -New homes are going up all over the Wichita Falls and home builders say they've put more homes up this year than in recent years.

"We lived on Southwest Parkway, and we were just looking to get back into a neighborhood, and we happened to be driving by, said Julie Yandell, Homeowner.

The Yandell family loved their home but needed a neighborhood that could better support there active young family. The Yandell’s were the first to move into their community that has only existed for about two years. Home builders say they see a wide range of people seeking new homes for a variety of reasons.

“We also get a lot of young first-time home buyer as well you know. The fact that we can accommodate housing price ranges is one of our good points,” said Barney Brock who adds there is also another group attributing to the spike in new homes.

"Probably about 50 percent of our business has been new people going into Sheppard. There is quite a bit of influx in the Sheppard community," said Barney Brock Vice President, Lance Friday Homes.

“Usually the Sheppard folks will stay here for 3-4 years. But what I have found is that we had sold homes to many of them that will retire. They like it here in Wichita Fall, so they decide to stay here in Wichita Falls. It’s a great retirement community,” said Brock.

Yandell said she believes a few things that could be attracting people to newer neighborhoods like hers is the sense of community and the amenities.

“A lot of those neighborhoods in the Metroplex really in any other larger city they have the community pool feature the neighborhood parks basketball courts that’s a really big turn on for people to have those families amenities,” said Yandell.

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