Construction crews battle the rainy season

Weather affecting workers

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) -All around Wichita Falls construction crews are working against heavy rain and severe storms to finish up projects.

“We have extra guys here that helps us get back ahead,” Ron Orr, Trinity Hughes Superintendent said.

Ron Orr is one of the Superintendents at Trinity Hughes Construction he said rainy days slow down the work they are trying to get done.

“We can only tear off a certain amount of the old siding before we can put the new sheeting back on cause we don’t want rain getting into the building. We would like to tear off a big section and really go at but when it starts raining we have to cover it back up,” said Ron Orr.

Sometimes the severe weather causes them to have to redo the work they have already done. Randy Garza owns RGI concrete company and says its happened to him before on the house their currently working on. Orr says another thing they try to do is take advantage of sunny days like today.

“We work until it rains us out,” said Orr.

In the construction business, the weather makes the schedule and, all these guys can do is be flexible.

"If you want to dig up and driveway and it is ready you want to do it after the rain," said Garza.

Garza also said on days when they’re rained out not only do they lose a day of work but they lose money. He says while no ones working the bills are still coming in.

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