Man in viral snake attack video shares story

Man in viral snake attack video shares story

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A Lawton man says he was still recovering from a snake attack when the video of the incident had gone viral on the internet. Jerel Haywood said he can laugh about it now that he’s out of the hospital, but that wasn’t the case when a snake sprang out from a porch light on Sunday and hit him in the face.

“I don’t like snakes,” Haywood said. “I don’t get along with snakes. I don’t care for snakes.”

He said he was walking up to his friend’s house when it happened. Haywood said at first, he had no idea what hit him in the face, but as soon as he realized it was a snake, he called for his best friend to take him to the hospital.

"I was glad it wasn't poisonous,” he said. “I was blessed on that."

Shortly after learning he was going to be ok, Haywood and Rodney Copeland, the man who owns the home, checked the doorbell camera and found out it captured the attack.

"It was disturbing,” Copeland said. “It was not good, but as long as he's right here with me, I'm cool."

“I was still kinda shocked,” Haywood said. “But, I was like, ‘Man, I survived that one’.”

Copeland said he's never seen a snake at his house before. Now, he and his family are paranoid they're going to see another one.

"People say that a snake can crawl up a wall,” Copeland said. “I never knew that. How a snake crawl up a wall?"

"Now you get the thoughts where your grandparents or your parents tell you like be aware of the snakes that you're around,” Haywood said. “Check your surroundings."

After it happened, a neighbor came and killed the snake for them.

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