Wichita Falls Police educate parents on vaping and drug use

Wichita Falls Police educate parents on vaping and drug use

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - Wichita Falls Police officers spoke at Park Place Christian Church Tuesday night to educate parents about issues their kids might be facing in school regarding vaping and drug use.

They taught them what vaping devices look like, what acronyms like THC and CBD stand for and what they consist of.

Officer Timothy Johnson said, “We want to educate the public and let them know, ‘Hey if you think your child is involved in this, type of activity these are some of the things to look for, things you may see around the house that give you a clue that something is going on’.”

Clues like the USB shaped vaping pens called Juuls that many teens are now using.

Officers also answered questions about the growing use of substances like CBD oil and whether it is legal in the state.

They say CBD could still have even the smallest trace of THC which would make it illegal in the state of Texas.

“You can have CBD oil – it’s going to have a trace in it more than likely…you can use the marijuana test kit that officers use and then you can test if what you suspect you’re dealing with is a THC product…,” said Officer Johnson.

Education about these topics is why Minister to Families Heather Santi-Brown at Park Place Christian Church reached out to WFPD to come and speak.

“We believe it takes a village to raise a child. [Parents are] the number one influencer in their kid's life. So, we want parents to be educated even before their kids are addressed with some of these issues,” she said.

For those interested in having a community conversation with police similar to what Park Place Christian Church had, reach out to WFPD’s Community Services Department.

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