Red hot bats, experience carrying Archer City in playoffs

Archer City baseball ready for second round


The Archer City baseball team is no stranger to the playoffs.

The Cats have made the postseason every year since 2010 and every member of the current team has advanced to at least the second round.

As the Area round approaches, the guys are leaning on that experience.

“I think we have two players on our team that haven’t been in the situation that we are right now so we all kind of know how it is," senior pitcher Conner Byrd said. "We have all been to the stages so that helps us a lot.”

“I think that truly helps anybody," head coach Corbin Brooks said. "When you’ve been there and done that it kind of helps relax the nerves a little bit. Of course you are always a little nervous when you go into it and you should be, it’s a win or go home kind of mentality.

"But you can see the maturity level on some of these guys and how they handle the pressure.”

Along with the experience from previous appearances, the Cats played a rigorous non-district schedule and they say those games are helping them now.

“We got to play some good teams and it prepared us to play the district and hopefully play the better teams in playoffs,” junior first baseman Dylan Briggs said.

“We like to play tough opponents in the preseason just to see where we are at and see what our weaknesses are and we can work through them," Byrd said. "I feel like during district we worked through them well, so I feel like when we start playing these tough teams and it comes down to critical situations we can get the job done.”

In every win since March 9th, Archer City has scored in double digits and it’s the offensive firepower that gives confidence to their defense.

“It’s always good knowing your offense can score you a couple of runs," starting pitcher Byrd said. "Even if you give up one or two runs you know your offense is going to bounce back and score you more.”

“I have full confidence in our bats," coach Brooks said. "If we can keep the momentum on our side hitting, I think we will be okay.”

One important component to making a playoff run is team chemistry and the Cats believe theirs is pretty special.

“We’ve been playing together since we were in middle school," Byrd said. "Since YMCA ball together so we have that connection and bond, so that makes us pretty special.”

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