Friends of Nocona Veteran Pleased to See Funeral Turnout

Friends of Nocona Veteran Pleased to See Funeral Turnout

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - Norman Beaty Jr., who went by “Jack”, was someone his friends describe as an all-around good guy.

His friend, Lyndal Crow said, “He'd found out that I'd done heat and air. We went over and got him cooling again one hot summer and it just kind of went from there.”

The 72-year old had a knack for making friends. In the 13 years he knew Lyndal and Lisa Crow, he shared stories of the time he served in the Vietnam War.

“We were visiting with him, we brought the subject up and he got to showing me some scars. He told me he had been shot up pretty bad at Vietnam,” Lyndal Crow said.

While the war was surely painful to remember, being an Army Vet helped him connect with other ex-military members, like his neighbor Paul Hooper.

“We had a lot of parties over there at his house. We’d play horse shoes, barbecue,” Hooper remembers.

Beaty's friends were happily shocked to see over a hundred people, many of them veterans, gather together for his funeral.

Although he did not have any family, the turnout showed his memory is not lost and he is not alone. “Jack would be proud,” Lyndal Crow said.

Hooper added “He does have a lot of family – a lot of military family. It doesn’t matter when you served, you’re always going to be family. You’re always going to have people that have your back.”

The Montague County Veterans Services Office helped organize the funeral that was held at Nocona Cemetary. They said they were so thankful to see so many people show up to honor Jack today.

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