MSU Texas holds first health conference

MSU holds health conference

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - Midwestern State University held a one day conference to educate staff, students and those currently working in the field of medicine about a wide range of topics including; opioid abuse, interacting with patients, and recognizing eating disorders.

Jessica Sweet has been in the medical industry for the last 13 years and said Monday’s speakers gave her a new perspective to take back to the hospital where she works in Vernon.

“I saw the keynote speaker opener Marcus Engle. He is amazing. It opened my eyes to so many things as a nurse that I didn’t think about. When you’re taking care of patients and how you’re interacting with them. How you talk to them, your body language, holding their hands. Because you’re just goal oriented in getting them their medicine and making sure that they are taken care of,” said Sweet.

This conference was also an opportunity for the MSU Texas program to showcase some of the products they were able to purchase with $1.4 million in grant money including a portable nursing kit explicitly designed for Midwestern State students.

This first-time grant also allowed the nursing school to give all graduate nursing students that applied this past year a stipend that paid their full tuition.

“I received the grant which was a fairly large scholarship, and it was a huge game changer for me that allowed me to really focus on my studies because I didn’t have to worry about where my money was coming from. Also, it really focused on equipping us to be better providers specifically in the rural areas and under served population which his something that I’m really interested in.” said nursing student Candace Flournoy.

The university hopes with these new partnerships, grants, and technology, students will continue to stay in Texoma.

“The goal is to continue that partnership and to expand it, and all of those clinics we have partnered with are with the under served population and or rural community that’s a big part of the grant we are getting that medical expertise out in the community,” said Vicki Johnson, nurse practitioner and project manager for the Mustang Grants.

The Mustangs grant allowed the school to give ten students this full-tuition scholarship last year and thirteen this year. They were also able to purchase four new portable kits which allow them to train remotely. MSU staff has already applied for another grant, but they won’t know until June if they will receive it.

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