WFISD School Board to discuss possible Tax Ratification Election

WFISD School Board to discuss possible Tax Ratification Election

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - Tomorrow the Wichita Falls ISD's school board will be having a discussion on a possible Tax Ratification Election.

The WFISD would not be only district to have this type of election this year. Holliday ISD also had one. Voters were in favor of the tax ratification there.

Holliday ISD Superintendent Kevin Dyes said the election helped generate approximately $500,000 more in revenue from the state of Texas.

He said, typically, a Tax Ratification Election (TRE) moves money between raising the tax rate in one area and reducing it in another. In Holliday's election, the Interest and Sinking tax rate was reduced by $.13 cents and moved to the district's Maintenance and Operations tax rate.

“The more effort you put out locally, the more effort the state would put into your school district…There's not really an effective way to raise taxes, just straight raise taxes. In raising up to that $1.17 which is the maximum cap…what the state has done was encourage districts to do that because they gave more state money,” Dyes said.

Thanks to the election results, Holliday ISD ended up doubling their revenue.

The WFISD'S school board will be having a work session tomorrow, May 14.

They will not be voting for a tax ratification election, but in the work session they can recommend for the matter to be included on the board agenda for the next school board meeting on May 20.

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