Community members ditch cars for bikes on National Bike to Work Week

Community members ditch cars for bikes on National Bike to Work Week

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - Wednesday morning was not like any other day for Josh Snow.

Like many in Wichita Falls, Snow decided to ditch his car and ride his bicycle to his job for National Bike to Work Week.

"It was about three miles," said Snow.

It took him about 10 to 15 minutes to get to work.

Snow tells us riding his bike to work is nothing new to him. “{I ride} just for fun and to save some money and it’s just a good way to get exercise,” said Snow. “The mornings are beautiful right now.”

Jinna Barrett also got to enjoy the sunrise as she headed to her job in downtown Wichita Falls Wednesday morning.

Barrett said she's been riding her bike to work since Monday but Wednesday's experience was different.

"I've either left early for work or late for work so I can miss that kind of 8 o'clock traffic, and I was kind of in the middle of it today," said Barrett.

The Bike Wichita Falls, Co-coordinator, Becky Raeke believes Bike to Work Week is really to get people out of their regular mode of thinking.

"It adds a little bit more of a planning challenge whenever you try to figure things out on your bike," said Raeke.

Bike to Work Week concludes this Friday and the organization, Bike Wichita Falls along with Snow and Barrett, are encouraging others to join them for the remaining of the week.

“Honestly one of the biggest take away that I’ve gotten from doing this so far is that it’s kind of calming in the morning,” said Barrett. “It’s kind of quiet. You’re not really listening to the radio or listening to the news, you’re just getting out and clearing your mind. I’ve been in a great mood when I get to work.”

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