Non-profit Y.O.C is asking for help

Non-profit Y.O.C is asking for help

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) -The Youth Opportunity Center in Wichita Falls is asking for the community’s help.

"The building is worn and torn and worn down, and we are just looking for people that use to come here to put it back. To love the facility just like the facility loved them is all that I want," said Founder Brenda Jarrett.

Brenda Jarrett founded the YOC back in the 1960′s via a donation from the Senior Juniors. It was a center used to foster creativity, self-expression, and to help the youth find purpose in their lives.

“I used it to teach and to show how it’s done for the young people. Where were you born? What’s your purpose? I want the kids to know there is a reason for them being here they need to seek it, an fulfill it, that’s what life is about,” said Jarrett.

However, over the years the non-profit has had some challenges. The YOC is now crumbling and when it rains, it pours not outside but inside. Often Jarrett is a one-woman band, but she is now training someone take over. She says she will still be around to make sure the history is not forgotten.

“It was thriving in 1994 that’s when we opened the doors. We had kids from the community of Wichita Falls, not just the Eastside and its a need. A little clubhouse a little place for them to go so we provided it that’s all we did,” said Jarrett.

"That's important now, especially in this day and age now. I think it's important for kids to be engaged in some meaningful education and meaningful activities summer," said Desi Hale, founder of Go Pro Kids.

If you want to help the YOC, there is a workday this Saturday that starts at 9 am.

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