Tradition at heart of Santa Rosa Roundup Rodeo

HTP: Santa Rosa Roundaup

VERNON, TX (TNN) - 74 years. Years with clear blue skies. Years with rain soaked dirt.

Rain or shine, the crowds always make their way there.

“It’s just a tradition," Director of the Santa Rosa Roundup Larry Drennan said. "People have come to this rodeo ever since it’s inception, and their offspring and their offspring.”

The ownership has changed hands in that time.

“About seven or eight years ago, the committee with the help of the town and fundraisers bought this property from the owners,” Drennan said.

Now the city and county make as much of an impact as the volunteers do.

“Hauling dirt, the county commissioners bring dirt in,” Drennan said.

Many of those volunteers with fond memories of the rodeo, like Drennan who would come with his grandparents...

“Came here as a child in the 50s, my grandparents lived in Seymour, we came over to see the rodeo one year and I always remember the big grandstand and the Palomina Club,” he said.

Tradition keeping the rodeo’s past legacy, as each new year the rodeo committee works to make it more memorable for generations to come.

Maintenance on it has waned down through the years, it’s changed hands with different owners," Drennan said. “It takes a lot of money to keep a facility up like this one. We’re working very diligently to keep it alive and make it bigger and better.”

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