School districts team up to offer Air Force JROTC program

School districts team up to offer Air Force JROTC program

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Over the last several years, several City View ISD students have shown interest in the Air Force JROTC program.

"We've had parents who have asked us why we don't provide it," said a counselor Meredith Utley.

Right now, 73 out of 270 high school students are showing interest in the program.

Utley tells us due to a lengthy waiting list, City View isn't able to bring the federal program to campus at this time but to make sure students still have an opportunity to take part they teamed up with Burkburnett ISD since they already have the program in place.

"City view will bus over students and actually be part of our program," said Major Don Rousseaux, who oversees the Air Force JROTC program at Burkburnett High School.

Major Rousseaux said students from Iowa Park have been joining their program for years, so he’s excited to see students from another school district participate as well.

He said while the program is really designed to build better citizens for America, a few of them like Vicente Losoya have chosen to enlist in the military.

“I wanted to join this corps because for one it helps me when I do enlist. I go in with a higher pay grade, however, it also helps me get more accustomed to the military lifestyle,” said Losoya.

Dakota Walters, a senior at City View also plans to enlist.

He graduates next week, so while the new partnership is too late for him, he tells us he's glad other students will have the opportunity to join.

"Personally I think it will be a great idea for them to introduce that for the students that are planning on joining the Army and the Air Force, or any of the branches in general just because it will help them start getting a sense of disciple and respect for the people who are in the military," said Walters.

The program will be available for City View high school students starting the 2019-2020 school year.

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