More Texoma residents installing storm shelters

More Texoma residents installing storm shelters

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - It’s no secret, storm season is upon us.

Experts recommend getting into a basement or an interior, windowless room on the lowest floor of your home in the event of a tornado. However, some Texoma residents have taken the extra steps of installing their own personal storm shelter.

“It’s something that we pray that our customers never have to use,” Alvin Leavell with Survive a Storm Shelters and Home Depot said. “It gives somebody a safe place to go in the event of a storm. They have a safe place and know that they’re going to be protected from debris or anything of that nature.”

Flying debris can be a major hazard during tornadoes or thunderstorms with high winds and hail.

Leavell says many homeowners in Texoma choose an above ground storm shelter that is anchored to a concrete pad, often placed in a garage.

The shelters come in various sizes and can fit between four and twelve people.

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