Next East side mural will soon be complete

Next East side mural will soon be complete

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The second installment of the East Side Mural Project in Wichita Falls will soon be complete and mural artist said this is great for everyone.

After more than 100 hours, rain delays, and baking in the sun, the artist of the second east side mural say is almost done.

"We've had a couple of setbacks but it is so close to being finished, and I am so excited for it to be finished because I am burnt to a crisp from working out here all day every day."

The Wichita Falls Art Alliance introduced the East side Mural Projects to bring beauty back to the east side and spark conversations about the arts.

“It could be a connective source for artist and teachers and parents and their children and bringing us together as a community,” said Lead Mural Artist Selena Mize.

Mural artists said not only is it benefiting the community but its also providing opportunities for them.

"This is my first big commission project outside of college. I'm really humble actually to be here right now," said Mize.

"This is what I want to do forever. This is my big girl job. It is really exciting to be able to work in a town like this, as opposed to working in Vegas where you can throw a rock and meet seven other muralists. I'm really appreciative to the town for giving me the opportunity to flex my skills on big walls like these," said muralist Brea'n Thompson.

Brea’n Thompson is helping out with this one but also commissioned to work on the fourth mural which will be going up by Beacon Lighthouse For the Blind. While the artists finish up on this mural, that can be found on the corner of Rosewood and Harding St. they get to hear and see first-hand the positive feedback.

“We’ve had people come by, especially little kids they want to help, and they are really excited that they have a mural that represents them. It’s something that really brightens their community and its super cool to see all the people come by and tell us how much it brightens their day. We have a little girl on the other wall, and people come up to Selena and me and tell us about how it makes them happy on the way to work. That’s the goal to brighten peoples day and put a little color in peoples lives,” said Thompson.

Weather permitting the artist hope to finish this week, but the official unveiling is expected to take place soon. More detail to come.

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