Where to take shelter during severe weather in Wichita Falls

Published: May. 20, 2019 at 5:21 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Emergency Management officials say though there are no official public storm shelters in Wichita County there are some things they suggest you do to get through the storm. Officials with Faith Mission say their doors will stay open.

Monday’s severe weather threat is the highest that it has been in years. Those at the emergency management center confirmed Monday people need to be vigilant and ready.

“If you know that you get a lot of flooding, and typically you get three or four feet of water it might be time to get a van and get some stuff out of there. Take the necessary precautions if you live in a low lying area and been here a while you know what this kind of rain can do,” said Lee Bourgoin, Wichita County Emergency Management Coordinator.

TxDOT and Wichita County Emergency Management officials all confirmed there are no public shelters in Wichita County.

"So if you had 600 hundred people show up to a shelter that holds 500 people, those 100 people show up to one place, and that area does get a tornado you have a chance of killing a lot of people,"said Bourgoin.

However, Bourgoin says they have crews prepared and on standby for whatever comes their way.

"All equipment is fueled up, and all of it has been exercised and there high profile vehicles that are all ready to go," said Bourgoin.

He urges those at home to make plans, find a safe space, and signup for all alerts.

“No matter whether you’re on the street, or driving by and want to stop in, we will have someone outside guiding people in. This will be if the siren goes off or if someone on the new tells us to take cover,” said Steve Sparks, Director of Wichita Falls Faith Mission.

Having experienced the tornado of 1979, Steve Sparks says he takes it very seriously.

“Everybody doesn’t always have a plan, and we know that. So, we want to be a part of a big picture plan if we can. Make sure our safe rooms in all three locations are available for anybody that wants to take advantage of them. I just want people to take it seriously after going through the one in 79,” Sparks.

Those three location are Faith Mission on Travis street, Faith Refuge on Hatton Rd and the Resale shop on Old Jacksboro Hwy.

City Officials also want to remind those with storm shelters to register them here.

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