Lauren’s Law passes Texas House, heads back to Senate

Lauren’s Law passes Texas House, heads back to Senate

AUSTIN, Texas (TNN) - Senate Bill 719, also known as Lauren’s Law, is on its way back to the Texas Senate after being passed in the Texas House on Tuesday.

The parents of 13-year-old Lauren Landavazo, who was shot and killed in 2016, have been behind it since she was murdered. The bill would allow prosecutors to charge someone with Capital Murder if they kill a child age 14 or under in Texas.

The bill was passed in the Senate and then went to the House. While in committee, the death penalty punishment portion of the bill was removed before being passed by the House in a 132 yeas to 8 nays vote.

Since SB 719 originated in the Senate through Pat Fallon (R) District 30, the bill will go back to the Senate. The Senate will decide if they agree or disagree with the changes made by the House.

We’ve been told it looks like the Senate will agree with the changes and the bill could be on the Senate floor for a vote as early as Wednesday. If passed by the Senate, the bill would head to Governor Greg Abbott’s desk to be signed into law.

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