Rain in Texoma brings more mosquitoes

Rain in Texoma brings more misquitoes

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - With all the rain Texoma has been getting the last couple of months it is no surprise mosquitoes are starting to show up.

David Shoop with Shoops Texas Termite says after it rains it is best to get rid of any standing water.

He says water can sit in low lying areas but not just natural areas, it can also sit in debris. That standing water is where mosquitoes end up laying eggs. When it rains again, all the eggs will end up hatching.

“Each time they lay eggs they're laying 300 eggs, and that's from one female mosquito. When the rains come, they're caught on rafts, so they're on top of the water and they're breeding. The content of the mosquito population will double and then triple and so forth,” Shoop stated.

There are ways to prevent them by putting insect growth regulators on your lawn, that way no mosquitoes can breed. There are also mosquito eradicator products that can get rid of female mosquitoes on your property.

The CDC also recommends using bug repellent with DEET, but there are also natural repellents that do not contain DEET that can be found on store shelves as well.

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