Romanian pilots set to begin ENJJPT at Sheppard AFB

Training Pilot

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) -Sheppard Air Force welcomed the 14th country, Romanian, to the Euro-Nato Joint Jet Pilot Training Program about two years ago, Wednesday the first two Romanian pilots will begin their training.

The Euro-Nato joint jet pilot training program was created in 1973. Sheppard Air Force Base is proud to host the World’s only internationally manned and managed pilot training program and after years of working on an agreement with Romania. The first two pilots from the Romanian Air Force say they are ready to take their careers to new heights.

“We managed to get ourselves a car, a place to stay, and all those things we are excited to get started tomorrow,” Pilot Adrian Chiriac said.

“We found that the program gets you on a whole new level of training here, so we got excited for training at Sheppard AFB. When we do get back home we will be ready for everything.” We come here to get the fighter pilot mentally and attitude, so that’s what we are here for," said Chiriac.

Pilots will spend the next 15 months training at Sheppard; splitting their studies between the classroom and flying.

"The most exciting part is the formation flying what your friends close together that going to be the most exciting it's going to be the hardest but the most rewarding," said Chiriac.

As the first members of the ENJJPT partnership from their country, they know their success is critical.

"We are pioneers here so we are trying to get the road for other students that may come in the coming years and try to make their lives easier here by learning all the situation here and maybe relationships between the different cultures here," Pilot Razvan Macovei said.

2nd Lieutenant Macovei said the plan is that one of them stay at Sheppard to help with training future recruits, and the other will return home train the others. The training program is not just about studying but the experience and life long connections.

"This is a NATO program, so you get a different experience you get to work with all the countries," said Chiriac

“When they are doing the operational, joint mission overseas later in their careers they will meet up with people from ENJJPT and just be able to have that connection right away so it’s going to help our allies in their specific air forces,” said Lieutenant Morrissey.

Designed to be the World’s top Combat Pilot Training Program ENJJPT has trained and graduated more than 7000 NATO pilots, Lt. Morrissey told News Channel Six.

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