Animal shelters, rescues become overcrowded during summer months

Animal shelters, rescues become overcrowded during summer months

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - As the summer months grow closer animal shelters are preparing to face overpopulation.

Those who work at the animal services center say that during the summer they see 15 pets or more come in daily.

It is not only dogs and cats that Animal Control finds on the streets.

A lot of them are from litters from pets that were never spayed or neutered. The owners are not able to take the litter of puppies or kittens that their pets have. So, they bring them into shelters.

But that is not the only reason there is an increase of animals in shelters during the summer.

Animal Control Supervisor Angela Bakken stated, “There are some people that do surrender animals when they're going on vacation if they can't find someone to take care of them.” Bakken added, “Some of the storms that come through during this time of the year will damage the fencing and open gates and dogs get out.”

It is not just shelters that see an increase of pets this time of year, rescues do as well.

Kimber Hopkins with Emily's Legacy Rescue said: "We get on an average 5 calls a day for people rehoming, or found kittens, or stray dogs. Right now, kitten season has hit. We do not have enough fosters for the requests coming in. There have also been litters of puppies. We do not have any open fosters to take them...Spaying and neutering pets would cut a lot of unwanted litters coming into shelters or people needing help to rehome."

Fostering pets allows the them to have temporary homes until they can get to a more permanent home, and it helps keep rescues and shelters from getting overcrowded. To become a foster by contacting a local animal rescue like Emily’s Legacy Rescue.

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