Early Voting begins in WFISD Tax Ratification Election

Early Voting begins in WFISD Tax Ratification Election

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Early voting for the Wichita Falls ISD Tax Ratification Election began earlier today.

If passed, the maintenance tax would go up by 13 cents and the tax that provides funds for debt payments would drop to zero. Overall, the tax rate would drop by five cents.

However, one group is encouraging people to vote ‘No’ against the tax change. They say that while taxes would be initially lowered if the TRE passes. They are concerned things ultimately will not stay that way for long.

Ed Stein with the ‘Vote No’ group said, “In other school districts in our area, those who have raised their rates to a $1.17 on the M&O side and they averaged 0.19 on their I&S...So it won't be long before our I&S rate will be pushed back up either because they vote a bond in, or they can also raise the I&S rate without a public vote.”

WFISD said in a statement to News Channel 6:

“…The board has already signed an ordinance that will drop the tax rate as soon as the TRE passes. It will be effective immediately and the lower tax rate will be reflected on your October tax statement.”

“The only way the tax rate would increase is if voters were to approve a bond in the future. At that time, voters would know what the new tax rate would be and would have the opportunity to vote on it.”

Early voting can be done at the WFISD Education Center on Broad Street from 8am-8pm or at the Sikes Center Mall from 10am until 9pm.

Early voting wraps up on June 11.

Election day is June 15.

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