Flooding causes problems for nearby businesses

Flooding causes problems for nearby businesses

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - We've been keeping you updated on rising river levels across Texoma.

City officials tell us the levels at the Wichita River are going down.

After flooding forced the main gate of Lucy Park to close over the weekend, gates to the main entrance opened back up Wednesday morning.

“Yesterday we had like a total of 13 (customers), maybe 10 it was really low,” said Tanner Burris, a cashier for the pool at Lucy Park.

Burris believes the flooding and closure are to blame for their low attendance.

"You could still come in through the park through like the other streets but a lot of people don't know that and how to get through here so we haven't had that many people," said Burris.

Burris said if it continues to rain another problem will rise.

"If the pool fills up we will have to backwash it and make sure it doesn't overflow," said Burris.

At the River Bend Nature Center, the flooding also affected them. Part of their trail was also underwater.

Erika Mitchell and an administrative assistant there said this happens at least once a year.

"Especially like this year we are getting a lot of rain," said Mitchell. "The last time in 2015 when we had that massive flood, it flooded the entire trail up to the trailhead so we had to close down the trail."

They also had to make changes that year because of it.

"We had electricity all the way down our trail. It's what we did for electricritters but after that flood, it would have cost us about $15,000 to redo the electrical all the way down the trail so that's why electricritters is just starting at the trailhead at the wedding site," said Mitchell.

Whether its trails at the River Bend Nature Center or paths at Lucy Park, clean up is the focus now.

Crews with the Parks and Recreation Department were at Lucy Park on Wednesday cleaning and are expected to be there Thursday and maybe even Friday.

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