100 Deadliest Days on the road begins

AAA encourages parents to talk to their teens about driving safe this summer.

100 Deadliest Days on the road begins
AAA encourages parents to talk to their teens about driving safe this summer.

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) -We are now in what AAA calls the 100 Deadliest Days of the year. It is during this time the most teen-involved deadly crashes occur.

Memorial day thru Labor day when schools out, means teen drivers are hitting the roads more in their free time. AAA says significant factors behind these accidents are teens speeding, drinking, and driving while being distracted.

“What we look at is not only what the teens are doing, but why are they doing that type of activity, and of course, parents play a big part in that as well. While we are talking teen drivers, most of the people killed in the accident in the 100 deadliest days were not the teen drivers. The young drivers just contributed to the crash that killed the individuals,” said Daniel Armbruster, AAA spokesperson.

Beau Dameron took his son to get his license Monday for his birthday.

"He's been counting the day until his birthday and ready to go. So here go," said Dameron.

He says that he's not too nervous about this deadliest driving season because he been stressing the importance to both his sons of not getting distracted.

"The main thing I've told him is that I don't worry as much about him as I do everyone else that's what he needs to remember. You have to be paying attention to everything going on around you can't be fiddling with the radio the phone or yapping to somebody in the backseat. You got to pay attention to what's going on around you," said Dameron.

AAA says being distracted is one of the main factors, along with drinking and speeding. Over the past five years, nearly 3,500 people have been killed in crashes involving teen drivers.

"This not only affects the teen, but it affects everyone. It is important for parents to be the first line of defense and talk to the teens about dangerous behaviors not just once but have routine conversations about it. It's a really important conversation to have and one that needs to happen more than just one time," said Armbruster.

On AAA website, you can find parent-teen drivers agreement it helps guides parents through those conversations and reviews the driving laws.

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