Flooding not a worry for Lake Arrowhead officials, guests

Flooding not a worry for Lake Arrowhead officials, guests

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - High water levels are still affecting parts of Clay County, in particular, Lake Arrowhead is about a foot over capacity and that level isn’t expected to drop soon.

Normally high water levels would turn people away from the lake.

Chris Lawrence and his family decided today would be a perfect day for fishing though.

“My beautiful wife over there asked me if we could go fishing last week so she had a day off and we picked up everybody and came out here,” Lawrence said.

The high lake levels could have made things a little harder, but the group had no problems filling up their cooler...

“Usually when it’s high water like that it tends to dilute the fishing a little bit because the fish have more room to spread around but they’re biting pretty good today,” Lawrence said.

Most of what has been affected are hiking trails, like the north and south ends of the Onion Creek which has parts 4 feet under water.

The primitive campsites are closed for the rest of the month due to trail flooding as well.

“There’s a trail that you have to hike back into the woods to get to and it’s underwater right now and until it becomes accessible it’s just not going to be safe for the visitors to use,” Keith Gauthier, Lake Arrowhead State Park superintendent, said.

The park is still expecting to have maxed out reservations on campsites this weekend...

and some of the fishermen are hoping for big catches in the meantime...

“Last time I came here I didn’t catch a single crappie and this time we’re catching a lot,” Daunte Mitchell said.

Gauthier said that water is emptying out the spillway, but more is coming from rivers feeding into the lake that will keep it at this level for the next few days.

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