Rainy season makes planting and harvesting tough for Texoma farmers

Rainy season makes planting and harvesting tough for Texoma farmers

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - This year’s rain has made farmer’s soil damp and their equipment muddy, they’ve had to call in airplanes to spray fields.

“Last year and the year before it was hot and dry when we were trying to cut wheat and plant cotton. This year, it’s going to be extremely wet. We don’t have the easiest weather conditions around here but that’s just something you sign up for when you want to be a farmer in North Texas,” said Texoma farmer Matt Mahler.

The weather conditions over next few days are going to be crucial.

“If wheat sits in the head or the top of the plant too long, and the plant stays moist for too long, it’ll actually sprout just like any other seed would. It’s basically cattle feed at that point,” Mahler said.

They are hoping for clear skies so that they can start harvesting as soon as possible so that the quality of their wheat stays good. While they make plans to harvest wheat, they are also planting cotton.

The rains have made that process tricky as well.

Mahler stated, “Cotton is very critical. It needs to be planted at a certain time at a certain ground temperature and it needs to all come up within about four days with each different seed emerging out of the ground. With these scattered rains and it turning hot, it’s been really tough to have the conditions that we need. So, the next couple of weeks will be critical to get that cotton in the ground and get it up.”

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