Crime is down in Wichita Falls, despite recent violence

WF crime numbers lower than last year.

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) -After last nights tragic shooting, Wichita Falls Police department says this year’s rates for violent crimes are down.

“We are actually at a 7.5% decrease in reported crime compared to this last time from January one to June six compared to last year,” said Sargent McClure.

Elise lives near where two men were shot, and one killed last night.

“I heard the gunshots about 9:30 pm last night and ran down and told my husband and sure enough it popped up on the news,” said Elise Fox, Owner of the Den.

Sargent McClure says this time of year we usually see more violent crimes, so how are rates low?

"The way the police department approaches crime prevention in the city is Multifaceted. One, we use more directed patrol meaning we look at areas in the city that are experiencing particular problems say hey one has home burglaries and others are looking for vehicle burglaries, and officers are assigned those areas they do a more direct patrol. Second, the police department has open communication the department talked between one another, we are sharing information. Three the gang injunction, I cannot say enough about the gang injunction. I think it has played a huge factor in bringing down crime within our department. "McClure adds “But more than anything, I think there is a great relationship between the city, the community, ,and the police department,” said McClure.

Many of the residences I spoke with said they’re a little nervous about their safety.

"It makes me fill a little jumpy, but we have been safe since we moved in in February I haven't had any concerns with people walking the street or anything like that," said Fox.

You can find out more about crime in your neighborhood here.

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