There are mixed feelings towards law allowing beer and wine to be delivered

There are mixed feelings towards law allowing beer and wine to be delivered

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Governor Greg Abbott posted a video on Twitter Monday referencing Senate Bill 1232, ‘Have you ever ordered food or groceries from a retailer to be delivered to your home, and also wish that you could order beer or wine to be delivered to your home?”

The Governor then proceeded to sign the law that would allow shoppers to make that wish a reality. “Enjoy responsibly,” he said while holding up the law to his camera so his twitter followers could see his signature.

But consumers and business owners alike are curious about how the law will ensure people are responsible.

Frequent online shopper and Wichita Falls resident Avery Barton said, “I use the app, so I pick up my grocery’s usually here and I can order wine or beer on here. Whenever I pick it up, they don’t ask for ID or anything which doesn’t bother me cause I’m 21. I think it’s convenient. I just think that maybe they need to step up the protocol for that."

Co-owner Victor Kocks of Kocks Liquor shared the same sentiments, “When they make the deliveries, they have to make sure that the person is 21. Otherwise they would be breaking the law I'm sure.”

Senate Bill 1232 has not been implemented yet.

While some grocery stores that deliver may be cautiously celebrating and waiting to find out how this will change the way they do business, Kocks is not worried that this new level of convenience will hurt the sales of his liquor wholesale store.

“As far as sales for us I don’t think it will impact us a lot. Our customers come to us because of our expertise, experience in recommending products and also making sure that everything is correct. So, I think that’s going to be a big selling point for us,” Kocks stated.

We reached out to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. A spokesperson for the commission said they are still working to understand the language of Senate Bill 1232 and how it is to be implemented. The law takes effect September 1.

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