Whiteside Museum of Natural History celebrates fifth anniversary with new exhibit

Whiteside Museum of Natural History celebrates fifth anniversary with new exhibit

SEYMOUR, Texas (TNN) - The Whiteside Museum of Natural History has some new prehistoric residents. One of those is Bonnie, a dimetrodon skeleton who was found in 2016. In honor of the museum’s fifth anniversary, Bonnie and the rest of her 290 million-year-old friends are making their debut.

“Kind of blows your mind, really, to find out what was in the ground here,” said James Archer, vice president of the Wise County Fossil, Rock and Mineral Society.

Every piece at Whiteside’s newest exhibit has one special thing in common: they were all found in Seymour.

“It’s very special for the community to know that even though it’s small, it’s absolutely one of the best places in the world for fossils. That’s a big deal," said Christopher Flis.

Christopher Flis is the museum director and resident paleontologist at Whiteside. Flis moved to Seymour five years ago to help build the museum and help build the museum's extensive collection.

“We’ve really brought the big city museum experience into the small city of Seymour,” said Flis. “We have a museum experience unlike any other in Texas.”

“I can’t believe that anything this great, this well-stocked and well-displayed museum can be found in all of North Texas," said Archer. "It’s unheard of, it’s unbelievable really.”

Flis says he wants the focus moving forward to be on education. He’s working to extend the education program at the museum, as well as encouraging school field trips.

“We want all the schools to come and see the museum and learn about the geology and paleontology and learn why their state and their part of Texas is that important,” said Flis.

“Well I would encourage anybody and every body, especially schools, to bring their youngsters that are studying science," said Archer. "Bring them here.”

This new exhibit is now a permanent piece at the Whiteside museum. All education programs are free to schools who wish to take part in them.

The Whiteside Museum of Natural Museum is open Tuesday-Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Sunday 12-4 p.m. Click here for more information on the museum and its new exhibit.

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