House Bill 3 signed, WFISD talks teacher pay increase

House Bill 3 signed, WFISD talks teacher pay increase
WFISD waits to hear more about House Bill 3

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) -The 2019-2020 financial budget was first up on the WFISD school boards agenda, Tuesday. The vote was put on hold until Monday nights public hearing so the board has time to learn more about how House Bill 3 will impact the budget. Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott signed House Bill 3 Tuesday morning. The newly signed bill will give WFISD an additional $10 million of state funding. As of Tuesday, members of the WFISD wait for additional details about how the money is to be spent.

"From what we heard today, there is still a lot of discussion on the fine detail and the fine print of the bill and how it will affect individual public school district budget. We probably won't know until July or October before we really understand the full effect of the bill," Elizabeth Yeager said, and she adds.

"It's a pay raise for everybody, and we just don't know the exact amount that everybody will get. We know that teacher that have been employed for more than five will years will get a more significant increase but until we know the fine print 'it's hard to say but bottom line, it's good news that teachers will be getting a pay increase," Elizabeth Yeager said.

At Monday night’s public hearing board members will approve a budget based off last years number until they get more information about House Bill 3.

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