Iowa Park honors Vietnam Veterans

Iowa Park honors Vietnam Veterans

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Colonel Charles Donald Roby and Sergeant Lee Adams may not be easily recognizable names, but for Iowa Park they are names worth remembering.

Both fought and died in the Vietnam War. “What they have done for our country as all veterans is very commendable,” said Iowa Park City Manager Jerry Flemming.

The city applied to become a Vietnam War Commemorative Partner Organization, pledging to plan and host events each year aimed at honoring Vietnam Veterans in Iowa Park.

Former Finance Officer for the USA Vietnam War Commemoration Jeffrey Pehl said, “Approximately 9 million people served in the military during the Vietnam War period of November 1, 1955 through May 15, 1975. To recognize that many people, The Department of Defense decided that it would be great to recruit local organizations to thank and honor the veterans who live in their hometowns."

After being presented with a commemorative flag and certificate, Vietnam veterans received pins placed over their hearts in honor of the heart that they have shown their country.

“The way they were treated when they came back from war in many cases was not commendable and I think our country has learned from those mistakes and we really want to correct that,” Flemming stated.

As a commemorative partner, Iowa Park is required to host at least two events a year that recognize Vietnam War veterans. They already plan to fly their commemorative flag in their Frontier Day parade.

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