KFC to launch new vegan burger called ‘The Imposter’

It’s getting a test run in the UK

KFC to launch new vegan burger called ‘The Imposter’
KFC is launching a meatless "chicken" sandwich in the UK. (Source: KFC/CNN)

(CNN/Gray News) - KFC announced it’s joining in on the meatless trend hitting fast food restaurants across the globe.

The fast food chain is rolling out the meat-free version of its signature chicken sandwich, calling it "The Imposter." KFC says the sandwich is a "triumph of deception."

Right now, the burger will only be available in the U.K. as part of a four-week test starting June 17.

The Imposter patty will use a Quorn fillet and vegan mayo.

Quorn is made using something called mycoprotein. It's essentially a dough made from fermented fungus spores.


Recently, Burger King and McDonald's announced their own testing of meatless options, with Burger King's Impossible Whopper being tested in the US and McDonald's testing its meat-free burger in Germany.

Tyson Foods also announced its newest initiative into a not quite meat-free venture with its new Raised & Rooted brand. It will offer meat-free nuggets and lean beef burgers blended with plant-based ingredients.

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