Rise in snake sightings in Wichita Falls

Rise in snakes sightings in Wichita Falls

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - There has been a rise in residents in Wichita Falls seeing snakes this week.

Pest control experts say it is not uncommon for people to come across snakes during this time of year, but for Aaron Larson it was the first time he has ever seen one in his garage.

“I passed through there to get put some extra stuff from the grocery store in the outside fridge and there it was,” he said.

As snake sightings usually go, it was surprising for Larson to see a 5’0” snake curled on top of a bucket.

“It looked like a rattle snake,” he remembers, “I'm not a small guy, but I was pretty quick to open that door and get inside.”

Larson did notice he had not spotted a rattle on the snake’s tail, and what he saw was correct. When animal control arrived, they said it was a rat snake.

Luckily the snake was not venomous. However, there are Wichita Falls residents that are coming across rattlesnakes. Either way, most want to avoid snakes all together.

“My wife definitely was talking about burning down the garage. She may never want to go in there again,” Larson said.

David Shoop with Shoop’s Texas Termite & Pest said a combination of a natural repellant like “Snake-Away” and a chemical product like “Hi-Yield Snake Repellant” will help prevent the them from being around one’s house.

“Two types of repellants, that’s what we’ve found works best. We tell them to mow the yard and make sure there’s not any snakes on the property. Then around the fence-line or around the house they’ll put a combination of these two snake repellants and they just will not cross that line.”

Shoop added that it is important to keep debris off the ground around the house. He also said that for those who do come across snakes, his crew is able to catch them and set them free.

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