New law allows people to hunt wild hogs without a license

New law allows people to hunt wild hogs without a license

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Feral hogs cause an estimated $52 million in damages to Texas agricultural each year. A new law that was recently signed by Governor Greg Abbott may help control the wild hog population.

HB 317 loosens the licensing requirements for wild hog hunting.

Wichita County Game Warden Tyler Reed said before HB 317 was passed, only landowner’s or their agents could hunt hogs without a license if the hogs were destroying their land.

Now, any person can hunt hogs with the landowner’s consent. They no longer have to have a license. Tyler Reed said that this could help the battle farmers have against wild hogs.

But for anyone looking to pick up wild hog hunting, it may still be best to get a hunting license anyway.

“If you hunt anything else, you have to have a license. So, if people are out hunting hogs and they shoot a rabbit, or a racoon, or any other animal, they still have to have a hunting license for that,” Reed stated.

He also added that the new law only applies to private property. So, hunting wild hogs on public land still requires a hunting license.

The law takes effect September 1.

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