A nice cool Father’s Day was in store for us today

KAUZ News Channel 6 Sunday 530pm 06/16/19 WX

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - We had a wild evening and night full of weather however we aren’t seeing anything nearly as crazy as we saw yesterday. Today we do have some more showers and storms that are in the area. We see to the north we have some in Commanche County near Lawton however we have more towards the southeast towards Jack county and Montague county. These to the southeast are mainly just seeing heavy rain. Some flooding is possible with how slow these storms are moving. However for the rest of us all we saw a fairly nice cool Father’s Day. Temperatures stayed low. High temperature in Wichita was only in the low 80s but dropped into the 70s by this evening. They will also fall to the mid 60s for this evening and it will make for another cooler night tonight. We have rain chances for the rest of the week as well. But our best rain chances seem best towards Tuesday and next Weekend

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