WFISD tax ratification election passes

WFISD tax ratification election passes

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The results of Saturday’s Wichita Falls ISD tax ratification election passed the proposition.

Total results:

For: 2,910

Against: 589

Early Voting

For: 1,738

Against: 295

Supporters of the proposition attended a watch party of the election at Frank and Joe’s Coffee House.

WFISD Board of Trustees president Elizabeth Yeager says it was weeks of hard work getting the word out about the tax ratification, and says the results speak for themselves.

“Very excited and very happy,” said Yeager. “I just want to thank all the WFISD staff and employees who came out and voted in favor of this tax ratification election. It really made a difference in the outcome.”

With the passing of the TRE, Yeager says the board will get to work soon on finalizing their new budget, and that taxpayers can expect to see this go into effect for them in October.

To read more about what this election changes for property tax rates, click here.

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