Cyclist ready for Wichita Falls City Council to approve Bike Safety ordinances

Two new ordinance for bike safety in Wichita falls

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) -Wichita Falls is continuing their efforts to make the city a more bike-friendly community so at tomorrow city council hoping the city approves some changes.

Cyclist and many others are in support of two ordinances that will improve cyclist safety, including the mother of a cyclist that was almost killed last year after being hit by a motorcycle. She says she wishes more could be done, but this is a step in the right direction.

Last year Galen Mills was riding his bike on the Sheppard access road when a motorist hit him.

“There are certain roads that I know to avoid but riding in the Circle Trail in town helps a lot because of it completely sperate from the traffic.”

David Coleman has been riding his Bicycle around Wichita Falls for years, and while he says he feels pretty safe he thinks marking lanes especially for bikers is a great thing

“It will require cars on a four-lane road to move into the other lane to pass a cyclist and to slow down a little bit. The other one clarifies what bike lanes or path really mean because what the law says right now it’s a little confusing about what a bike path is. Also, if you are riding a bicycle, you have to use a bike lane if it is marked,” said David Coleman, Member of the Bike Action Committee.

Coleman credits the department of transportation for jumping right in and helping push the changes forward to council.

“What we are looking at too is the educational aspect. Once the ordinance pass we will work with our public information office to get the word out to try in to share the road not only for motorist vehicles but bicycles are one of those forms of transportation,” said John Burrus, Department of Transportation.

Becky Raeke, another member of the Bike Action Committee whose a massive supporter of the ordinances says this will make Wichita Falls one step closer to claiming the title of Bike Friendly city.

“When we first started this process becoming bike friendly that’s one of the aspects of it looking at laws that pertain to the cyclist. There are only two on the books for Wichita Falls so we looked at those and ways that they might add obstacles for cyclists a few opportunities we can for adding more protection for the cyclist so that what these two ordinances are for.”

If approved, this ordinance will require cyclists to use a marked bicycle path if one is provided adjacent to a highway or street. Also, use a bike lane if one is marked on the roadway. Stay with channel 6 for the lastest.

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