Pat Fallon holds town hall, discusses session and future

Pat Fallon holds town hall, discusses session and future

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - As the legislative session comes to a close, State Senator Pat Fallon reflected on what’s been done this year at a Town Hall meeting at Wichita Falls.

“We took good bold steps, first steps for property tax relief, property tax reform, and education reform but we need to do more, so those are bills I’m very interested in filing and furthering that movement forward,” he said.

He also touched on what the state and country need to do about immigration.

“The number one most important thing we can do in this country and this state is secure the borders because if you’re not safe you’re not free,” Fallon said.

With the increase in migrants along the state border, cities have been spending local resources on them.

“Unfortunately, there’s a limit to what the state can do because immigration is a federal issue, the last administration didn’t have the will to secure the border," Fallon said. "They didn’t have the focus and committed the resources as President Trump has done.”

A 30 million dollar federal package will be handed out to those cities, but Fallon says more needs to be done.

“We are ill-equipped to really handle hundreds of thousands of people coming across the border," he said. "Tens of thousands sometimes just in a week, particularly some folks that are minors.”

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