Construction sites still struggling despite warmer weather

Construction sites still struggling despite warmer weather

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - While the sun shone bright and hot today, this year has been unseasonably wet, putting some major projects around the city behind schedule.

“This has been one of the most difficult construction seasons we remember,” said Earth Builders LP owner Kym Bergstrom.

“It’s been extremely wet this year. It’s slowing down all of our projects,” said Russell Schreiber, director of Wichita Falls Public Works.

The high amounts of rain in the past few months have caused construction sites across the city to lose time and materials.

“Just about the time it dries out enough to start working on it again, it rains again," said Schreiber.

That rain creates a vicious cycle.

“So that cycle is if it rains every third or fourth day, you really spend the day in the rain, you can’t work,” said Bergstrom. “The next day you’re out there getting things dried up. The following day you might be ready to work but you’re still waiting for things to dry up. And then it rains again.”

Bergstrom says that when the weather gets that wet, things such as foundation work, embankment building, and concrete pouring can be completely annihilated.

“Things are drying out for us, it’s getting hotter,” said TxDOT’s public information officer Adele Lewis. “So we should be able to make good speed from now on.”

The triple digits are bringing new problems, though.

Contractors all over the state are trying to beat the heat by starting work earlier and competing with other projects for materials.

“We’re grateful for the warm weather, we’re grateful that we’re able to work, but we’re fighting with everyone else to get caught up.”

TxDOT did say that companies usually get credit for days lost due to weather, but that this year has been highly unusual.

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