Local programs helping elderly stay cool during summer

Local programs helping elderly stay cool during summer

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The elderly are more likely to suffer from heat exhaustion during the summer. Local programs are making sure they keep cool as temps rise.

Some seniors go to the 50+ Zone to play dominoes and card games. For Ricky Peace he likes getting to exercise in the cool environment.

“The air conditioning is excellent, and they’ve got plenty of spring water,” Peace said.

Along with ice-cold water, there is Kool-Aid and sweet tea, which Program Coordinator Kathy Geil said all members can drink while they check out the host of activities that are offered.

“We have 84 activities that we have scheduled every week. [There’s} Always something to be done and it’s comfortable inside,” Geil said.

For elders who may not be able to leave their homes, programs like Meals on Wheels try to make sure they stay cool as well.

Volunteer coordinator Lisa Williams said, “When our drivers go out there not only are they delivering the hot meal, but they are checking to see do they act the same the last time they saw them? Is their house hot? Do they have the cooling that they need?”

Williams said over 70% of the people they serve do not see anyone else but the volunteers during most days, so it is extremely important for them to help the elderly stay hydrated.

“Absolutely make sure that they have plenty of water. if they could have bottled water at the house, that way even if their power goes out, then they have something to drink.”

To volunteer for Meals on Wheels visit their website for more information: Become A Volunteer

There is also information on the 50+ Zone’s web page for those interested joining: Become A Member

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