Businesses offer safe place to shoot off fireworks

Businesses offer safe place to shoot off fireworks
Monday marks the first day that fireworks can be legally sold ahead of the Fourth of July.

ARCHER COUNTY, Texas (TNN) - Monday marks the first day that fireworks can be legally sold ahead of the Fourth of July.

While it can be easy to find a stand to buy from, it can be difficult to figure out where you can go to legally fire them off.

“We have almost every other customer ask us when they purchase their fireworks, ‘Where can I go to shoot it off’ and it’s very nice to be able to tell them right here,” said Shannon Willingham, the store manager at Planet Fireworks.

This year marks the seventh year, Planet Fireworks in Clay County is giving people a free place to go to light up their sparklers and set off their firecrackers.

"It's kind of crazy kind of fun but it's well controlled well supervised and the public does a really good job at trying to watch out for each other," said Willingham.

Like every year, the Jolly Volunteer Fire Department along with the Clay County Sheriff's Office will be there on stand by.

“We’ve got it flagged off so the cars pull in and they park around the perimeter and they can shoot off inside the perimeter,” said Willingham. “They don’t have to pick up their trash, they can leave it and then the Boy Scouts come out the next day and that’s a service project for them.”

Residents in Archer County will also have the chance to fill up the sky with color on Independence Day thanks to a new stand, Ridinger Fireworks.

“We’re at 6448 state highway 79 south, about a mile in a half past the Lakeside City and we got our stand out here,” said Arthur Ridinger, the owner of Ridinger Fireworks. “Me and my father in law decided to do this together and I’ve got a lot of passion for it.”

Just beside their stand, is 77 acres of land where those who buy a ticket will be able to shoot off fireworks.

"We thought this would be a great way for Archer County to get involved and keep people off country roads starting fires and working our first responders to the ground," said Mark Steel, the owner of Ridinger Fireworks.

Bowman and Lakeside City Volunteer Fire department have agreed to help out with this event.

"Fireworks can hurt you and the number one thing with this event is safety and people having a great time," said Steel.

The owners of Ridinger Fireworks are still deciding what day people can come to shoot off their fireworks. They will be updating their customers on their Facebook page.

Planet Fireworks will have their “Stop and Pop” on July 4th from 6 p.m. to midnight.

Just a reminder, setting off or possessing fireworks is not allowed in Wichita Falls city limits.

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